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Market Funding


Apex Farmers Market is a non-for-profit community resource. We keep our operating costs low so that we can provide our business partners and vendors with a venue to sell their wares, while creating access to local products.


Our income is solely based on sponsorships, donations, and grants. 

Your generous contributions will support the AFM efforts to:

  1. Promote Wellness and Education:
    Enable us to fund a variety of educational workshops, cooking demonstrations, and provide information materials that inspire and encourage our community to make nutritious and sustainable food choices.

  2. Boost Local Agriculture and Producers:
    Fosters a community of of farmers, local producers, and like-minded individuals who share a common goal of promoting sustainable living and supporting local business.

  3. Cultivate Community and Enhance the Market Experience:
    Allow us to host monthly events and provide music and entertainment to help cultivate community and enhance the market experience.


Sponsors of the Market are our largest source of funding. As a sponsor, your business logo will be displayed at each market and you'll be given certain benefits or incentives. 


Individual donations, be them one-time or monthly, are very important to our overall funding. Donors will have their names displayed at the market during the month they donated. 

If you would prefer to donate your time rather than funds, please visit our Volunteer page to sign up!

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