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By entering into this agreement and submitting the application to the Apex Farmers Market, each vendor agrees to all rules, regulations, terms, and conditions. It is our intention to provide smooth operation of the market in a fair, equitable way, and to provide the community with a safe, consistent, community-oriented place to buy fresh, local produce, meats, seafood, and gourmet food products, as well as home and garden accessories, arts and crafts.  

The Apex Farmers Market is a vibrant and growing local producers market, owned and operated by the Apex Farmers Market a not-for-profit organization. AFM is dedicated to being a resource to the town of Apex and surrounding communities. Our Mission is to provide educational outreach regarding healthful living and the health and economic benefits of consuming locally grown food and supporting locally produced products while providing farmers and local producers opportunities to directly market their goods and services. Operating the vibrant Apex Farmers Market is one of the ways we fulfill our mission. We seek to create a diverse farmers market for our customers, including produce, meats, fresh farm eggs, farm products, baked goods, seafood, artisan food products, and craft vendors, with opportunities to provide education and entertainment for our customers.


  • Community operated, non-profit organization 

  • Deeply established and highly reviewed, 4.5 Star market in the heart of historic downtown Apex. 

  • Live music weekly, and seasonal events 

  • Fully customizable online profile for each vendor to share news and information 

  • Pre-order opportunities for vendors through SHOP HERE

  • Over 2% click rate on weekly newsletters delivered to over 2k households in our targeted service area

  • Our specialized market website brings over 60% organic traffic each month from our local, target market, providing vendors with increased visibility and awareness while growing your audience in our particular service area. 

  • Vendors' social media engagement increases with our targeted social media campaigns. 

Mandatory Vendor Meeting: Date TBA
Market Operates Weekly 9:00-Noon April 16-November 19 2022

Bi-Weekly: 9:00-Noon December 3- April 15, 2023

$225 Full-Time Vendor (Weekly, Year-Round)
$125 Part-Time Vendor
(Part-Time/Bi-Weekly (1st/3rd Saturday Schedule)
$20 Guest 

Type of Product(s)
What type of business best applies to your operation?

Products that require more stringent inspections, regulation, and usually refrigeration. Please list the items that you intend to sell at the market in the relevant sections below.


Hold Harmless Clause and Insurance

All vendors participating in The Apex Farmers Market shall be individually and severally responsible to the Apex Farmers Market and Local Food Alliance for any loss, bodily or personal injury, deaths, and/or property damage that may occur as a result of the vendor’s negligence or that of its servants, agents, and employees. All vendors hereby agree to indemnify and save the Apex Farmers Market and Local Food Alliance, the Town of Apex, the Apex Chamber of Commerce and Abundance NC, its officers, directors, agents, owners, and employees harmless from any and all liability or loss, cost, damages, judgments, and other expenses, including attorneys’ fees, suffered, arising or incurred from Vendor's operation at the Apex Farmers Market. No insurance is provided to vendors by the Apex Farmers Market and Local Food Alliance nor Abundance NC. Vendors are required to carry their own insurance and provide proof of insurance with Apex Farmers Market included as additionally insured, unless an exemption to this policy has been approved by the Board.

Vendor Requirements

All goods and products sold at the Apex Farmers Market must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including without limitation, all applicable health regulations. To the extent any vendor is selling any product that requires the vendor to obtain and maintain any license or certification, the vendor shall have and maintain such license or certification and shall make it available for immediate inspection upon request. I/We also agree to abide by the Apex Farmers Market Vendor Rules, Regulations and Information and hold harmless clause and insurance statement and am aware if I violate any of the rules and/or policies my Vendor status may be immediately terminated. Copies of licenses and certifications should be included with this application. I agree to hold a product and general coverage insurance policy with coverage up to $100,000.00 and to list Apex Farmers Market as "Additional insured" on the policy. 

Media/Marketing Release

I hereby grant the Apex Farmers Market and Local Food Alliance permission to publish my name, business name and images, video and audio in any Apex Farmers Market or Apex Farmers Market and Local Food Alliance publication, such as websites, blogs, social media, and in newsletters. In addition,  I hereby grant permission for myself and any staff or assistants to be photographed and video taped, without compensation by The Apex Farmers Market and Local Food Alliance, understanding that those items along with my name/business name, could be used for publication in print media, television, video or motion picture by any media outlet, partner or affiliate of the Apex Farmers Market and Local Food Alliance.


PLEASE SIGN Electronic Signature. This Vendor Application is delivered electronically. The vendor consents to using an electronic signature to sign this Application and be legally bound to his or her acceptance or rejection of the application. By electronically signing the Application, the Vendor also consents to enter into this Agreement in electronic form. The Vendor acknowledges that his or her electronic signature will have the same legal force and effect as a handwritten signature. The Vendors electronic signature, including the date and time of signing will be stored electronically with the Vendors Application Information and clause consent. 

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